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The heat sink for Solar light

Our suggest solution: ● Add 4pcs 3mm reinforcing ribs on the top (No#1,2), 6pcs 2.5x3mm reinforcing ribs and 2pcs reinforcing rings at the bottom inside (No#3) ● Change the 1.5×45 degree chamfer to radius 3 Customer decision: ● Considering the costs, customer accept ● Add 3 reinforcing ribs on the top, and 1 pc reinforcing

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38W heat sink for car light

Customer Design questions: There is undercut,product could not be released from the mould. It is easy to get deformation. The parts eed additional connect to mate with the plastic base. It need increase the machining complex. STY Suggestions: Change undercut to guarantee The product can be released From the mould smoothly STY Suggestions Change the

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