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Quality is our life.Concept leads to innovation in management.STY Machinery owns an advanced professional and technical team.We are willing to work together with you - common development for a better future,achieve the dream of being a Century's standing enterprise for STY Machinery!

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    Where can I get the product information and price information?

    Please send us an email, we will reply you as soon as we receive your email.Our email is [email protected] .Please your drawings or original samples.Drawings can be in CAD, DXF, STEP, IGES, x_t and other formats.We will offer technical suggestions and quotations.

    What is the delivery time for sample and mass production?

    It depends on your project.Usually the sample can be delivered in 10-20 days .For mass production, generally it takes 20-25 working days. If there is an urgent situation, we will work overtime or even arrange three shifts. Because of theurgent delivery time, the price in quotation will be increased.

    Will the price change?

    If the exchange rate and material cost have not changed, the price will be the same. If there is any change, we will send you official email in advance.
    If the exchange rate changed,we will deposit the foreign exchange in the bank without untill the rate exchange recovers.If the exchange rate fluctuates too much,for long term cooperative orders, we will negotiate with the customer.

    What if there is defect in processing?

    According to STY's QC management requirements, production will be stopped immediately.Workers will report to the production manager and analyze the cause of the bad condition. We will work out a correction plan or re-submit the material production application. If we judged that the delivery or quality cannot be finished at this time,the actual situation must be notified with the customer. We will use all the China's resources to find ways to solve problems.

    Packing & delivery

    (1) Preparation before packing
    The operators prepare the appropriate size boxes according to the instructions of the sales personnel, cartons are used for air transportation and wooden cases are used for sea transportation.

    (2) Packaging procedure
    According to the production order, the cash ticket should be consistent with the production order, control number and quantity should be checked and then encased. The parts after loading the box needs to be marked on the production order, to avoid omissions. At last, the sales personnel confirm and check again.
    The parts cannot be moved in the box, special shaped parts cannot rub against each other, the space between parts should be filled with newspaper or other bubble wrap, avoiding collision between items and result in part injuries. Then send the detection report and the dispatch bill to the customer via email. Finally, seal the box with tape, when packaged, concentrate in the specified location, notify related express or logistics personnel to pick up the goods.

    (4) Tracking of transportation of the goods after shipment
    After delivered the goods,will send the tracking number to the customer by email,if you have any needs, you could check the detailed transportation and delivery on the express website.

    (5) Our products can be shipped by air and sea.Our company has signed an agreement with the logistics company, we can enjoy faster, cheaper and more convenient logistics services.

    What if you produce bad quality products after delivery?

    If the delivery is in time, we will reproduce the quality products without extral cost.Of course,the freight is also the responsibility of us.If the deadline is too late,customer will repair it in their country. We will bear the amount of the customer's Invoice indication. At the same time, we will investigate the reason of defective products.All the employees must participate in the defective product meeting to avoid the similar problems. Our goal is to reduce the rate of defective products to zero.