Germany Waves Processing Center Coming!


Many thanks for support and trust of domestic and oversea customers to our company.
In order to satify the varieties of machining needs from different customers and requests of our production development ourselves also, we introduced new advanced equipment of machining center( three-axis linkage+Double stages) "Chiron FZ-18KW" from Germany recently.
The main stream of future devolpment of machine-tool industry are that machining with flexibility, compositionality, multi-axis motion, high precision, high speed. Therefore, Chiron FZ-18KW is suprior to all equipments of its kinddue to it has outstanding trait of high effective and reliable machining center, strong machinability, high-precision and highly flexibility,
It's qualified for the most arduous task in the most perfect manner, due to its outstanding strength lying in its solid structure of lathe bed and innovative designation.
X-Y-Z Axis travel 830-550-630 mm
Maximum power 37kw
Spindle pitch 320 mm or 400 mm
Number of tools (maximum) 60 or 2 x 35
Chip - chip times 1,90 s
X-Y-Z acceleration (the maximum)17-17-17 m/s 2
rapid traverse speed (maximum)75 m/min
Automatic switching time 3,50 s
Tool scale HSK A-63 / SK 40
Tool weight (maximum) 10,00 kg
Tool lenghth ( maximum) 380 mm
In conclusion, as a cooperative parterner of domestic and overseas customers, we constantly introduce the most advanced machining equipments from Germany, Japan and other develped contries. Using strong technology to statisfy various needs of processing is our permanent goals which redouble our effort.