New breakthrough New journey


Upholding the faith of hundred years of STY-Machinery,STY-Machinery people judge the situation and keep pace with the times,according to their own situation, constantly adjust the direction of enterprise development,actively plan ahead of schedule.Since 2016, we have gradually purchased high-end machining equipment,optimizing the processing capacity of processing equipment and stopping the purchase of low-end equipment.In the first half of 2018,we gradually form a part structure that combines the processing of high-end parts and the processing capability of the high-end parts, which are mainly based on DMG five-axis machining center, DMG turning and milling machine, Mazak turning and milling machine.realized the transition of parts from low-end to high-end and the fundamental change of product structure.Realizing the transition of parts from low-end to high-end and the fundamental change of product structure.
With the continuous advancement of enterprise hardware construction and the unremitting efforts of employees, the resultant effect of the two gradually emerges. Since this year, STY-Machinery's business performance has been breaking through. Old customer orders are rising steadily, new customers deal constantly. In particular, STY-Machinery's Japanese sales successfully signed orders of millions of levels, which became one of the highest single contracts for parts. This result is the affirmation and encouragement of STY-Machinery people's efforts, which proves the excellence of employees and the correct development direction of STY-Machinery. This result gives us confidence to continue on the right path and continue our cause. We are deeply gratified to look back at 2018 and full of pride to look forward to 2019. In the New Year, STY-Machinery people should continue to work hard to break through to a new level!