High pressure housing die casting piston telecommunications parts

Brand STY die casting
Model Number OEM
Material Aluminum:ADC12,ADC10,A360,A356,A380,A413,B390,EN47100,EN44100
Dimensions customized
Certification ISO9001/ IATF16949
MOQ 500pcs
Color silver, white, black or any other colors
Packaging Details 1. PE,PVC or PO bag first then put into the carton ; 2.Pallet
Delivery Time 10 days



Thermal design
In order to be able to better heat, we have increased the amount of tendons, the shape suitable for most of the antenna system

Prevent corrosion
We use alodin powder, after 72 hours of salt spray test, can be very good anti-corrosion, suitable for a variety of adverse weather;

Water resistance & Operating Temperature
Higher water resistance property,longer cladding lifetime.
-40°C to 70°C

AlloyA356A360A380B390EN AB47100ADC12ZL104
Tensile Strength lbs./sq. in.(ksi)34000460004700046000348004500031900
Yield Strength (.2% offset) lbs./sq.in.(ksi)240002390023100360002030021750
Elongation % IN 2 in.
Melting Range   *F1030-11401030-11001000-1100950-1200
Density lb.per cu,in.0.09650.09680.09970.0979
Average Thermal Coefficient of thermal expansion (68-212F)11.911.611.710.3
Thermal Conductivity BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F1050784756930

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